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Catlin Arctic Explorers

The Catlin Arctic Survey is an international collaboration between polar explorers and some of the world's foremost scientific bodies.

The team's second expedition to the Arctic is to examine what is widely considered to be the "other" carbon problem beyond climate change: that of ocean change. The Survey is undertaking research into how greenhouse gases could affect the marine life of the Arctic Ocean, including some species that can be described as the core of life on our planet.

The expedition is being led by Ann Daniels, one of the world's foremost female polar explorers. Accompanying her are Charlie Paton, a highly experienced Arctic explorer, and Martin Hartley, a leading expedition photographer. For more information visit catlinarcticsurvey.com

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The difficulties of preparing an Arctic runway

Posted by Pen Hadow
  • Friday, 27 March 2009 at 02:33 pm
Trying to prepare an Arctic runway is just as difficult as it sounds...



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